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October 13, 2014


Watch this brilliant take on Hyperlapse by +The Verge. Instagram's Hyperlapse, an app which automatically stabilizes the video you shoot on your mobile device, is by far one of the most advanced mobile apps currently in the market.

Google Updates It's Mobile App: You Can Now Use It More Like A Personal Concierge

While reports that point to a study showing how Google Now trumps both Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana, digital assistants of the respective companies, were making rounds over the previous week, Google made updates to it's mobile app which enable you to use it even more like a personal concierge.

You can now use it to remind you of your bills, provided that you have the payment due date and amount in your Gmail. In addressing issues related to privacy that might arise in this case, The Wall Street Journal notes that you must be using Google Search App, and must have enabled Google Now and given Google the permission to access this information from your Gmail accounts.

October 12, 2014

Google Play Store Gets A Material Design Update In V5.0

Right To Be Forgotten & Google: The Impact Of Ruling On Privacy In Numbers

Following the May 2014 Court of Justice of The European Union ruling on privacy, individuals could request Google for the removal of search results according to European data protection laws. As part of it's Transparency Report Google has released information detailing the impact this has had thus far.

Overall, Google has received 146,357 take-down requests from users across different countries in the EU, based on which it has evaluated 498,737 URLs. Out of these URLs, 41.8% URLs have been removed and 58.2% URLs have not been removed.

URL Removal Request Totals

August 12, 2014

Google And Apple Diversity Reports. And Why Workforce Diversity Is Important For Firms?

Research on workforce diversity generally suggests that a diverse workforce can bring about increased creativity and innovation within the firm, and, with the right organizational initiatives and management related to diversity, could be a source of competitive advantage that leads to better firm performance. Let's see how Google and Apple performed on the workforce diversity front.

August 1, 2014

Google Announces A $1 Million Contest: Little Box Challenge

Around about the same time of the year, back in 2007, Google had announced a massive $30 million contest (YES! If you had missed that, or have forgotten about it, it's a $30,000,000 contest, and there are 18 teams that are still competing for it!), called the Google Lunar XPRIZE. And, my guess is that this contest is going to get exciting over the next few months, given the December 31st, 2015 deadline.

And now, coming to the new contest that Google has announced about a week ago, the $1 million 'Little Box' Challenge.

Little Box Challenge.
Little Box Challenge

July 22, 2014

Perceived Value - It's Complex Nature And Operationalization

In one of my earlier posts +Rory Sutherland  asserts that a change in the 'perceived value' of a product/service can be as potent as changing it's "real" value, and costs less. This raises the question as to why more companies do not take this approach, and even if they do, why it's consequences are so hard to discern. This post tries to lay out, at least in part, some of reasons for the this, and at the same time tries to look at how it can be tackled.

Research reaffirms that the complex and multi-dimensional nature of interaction between a consumer and a product makes 'perceived value' a very complex construct to study and operationalize. Another reason that Lindgreen and Wynstra point out to, in measuring 'perceived value', is the difficulty in differentiating the value a consumer places on the goods and services as against the value he/she places on the buyer-seller relationship (they call for a clear separation of the two). Case in point, consumers of Apple's products/services (or me with respect to Google's products/services).

The Complex and Multi-Dimensional Nature of Perceived Value
The Complex And Multi-Dimensional Nature Of Perceived Value